Automated Sales Systems

Create a way for a prospect to convert into a customer.

  • When you create a sales system for your company, you’ll be in business 24/7. 

We’ve all been here before. You meet a prospect while in town and you’d like to capture their information to share the products or services you have to offer. 

What are the options? 

Give them a business card and hope they reach out?

Creepily ask to text them?

Mention a site to go to that they may forget as soon as they turn away?
All natural and possible, but there is another option. 

As with every professional, we are always looking for a way to maximize our network reach, but asking for contact info is sometimes a fine line we don’t want to cross. 

On the other hand, if a prospect shows a desire to know more about your product or service, it’s the perfect time to capture another opportunity to make a sale, or at least another contact in your database (the money is in the list they say).

Normal websites for companies or individuals have many pages and often take a visitor to a wide range of options- contact page, about us, products, OTHER employee profiles, etc. 

We need a targeted system where you make the GOLDEN EXCHANGE.

As consumers, we buy and sell all the time.
A product or service for a payment.
But, there are limits to this. How many products or services can I buy with how much $$$ I have to spend.
Then comes the other side.
How many or much of the product or service I really need at this time, for the amount of $$$ I have to spend.
There are limits to every transaction. 

At Mass 1 Media, we have created sales systems for companies of all industries that covers promotional marketing and this concept of the GOLDEN EXCHANGE. 

Ok what is it?

The GOLDEN EXCHANGE is when a prospect receives something of value in exchange for their contact information that is submitted into a database.
Technically, there is no payment involved and the prospect can receive a valuable piece of information by simply inputting contact information into a database. 
What this means for your business. 

There are many parts to creating a GOLDEN EXCHANGE that stop a professional far short of completing a sales system that actually works. 
It needs to be credible- the right domain and security (https: vs http)
It has to be fast- server and platform performance are key here
It must give value to  a prospect- the message is critical
It must be easy to use- for both the professional and the prospect

Solutions- many, but not really.

Creating a sales system that highlights a GOLDEN EXCHANGE is hard to do with most marketing plans. You need a:

Separate domain

Host and server

Easy to use platform

Email and form intake system

Client Relationship Manager.

This is where professionals fall short. There isn’t enough time to create and maintain a reliable sales system. 

This is where our GOLDEN EXCHANGE sales system can help.

We will create a marketing plan with you (on an actual phone consultation) that creates your GOLDEN EXCHANGE process and then create a unique sales system, with its own:



Web Platform

Email Sender Program

Custom Contact Forms

Database Manager

You’ll be able to capture leads everywhere- in person, on web ads, print ads, on phone calls, by referrals. The opportunities to build your business are endless. 


What’s the first step? Let’s book a call TODAY and start building your GOLDEN EXCHANGE sales system.